Friday, July 27, 2012

Packet of chain of grace of romantic woman flavour shows female glamour

Wrap the be mixed of bag and chain, fang Buddha is the pronoun of romantic woman flavour. Color of famille rose of this one season or the catenary that bright beauty fastens are wrapped, not only own design of irregular adornment chain, the fashion that controls even meticulous geometrical leather flower, water getting or metallic feeling is decorated, also can let your be reluctant to part with.

Coriaceous agraffe chain wraps powdery purple DIOR

Elegant like lilac pink is purple, with the collocation of argent metallic chain and switch agraffe, elegant instinctive quality is not decreased in vogue. Crisscross has the geometrical form leather that send to press a flower, the pure lubricious design of the color that it is pink adds a lot of fashionable to feel.

Chain of the naked lubricious division that fasten water chestnut wraps CHANEL

Combine the most popular this year naked lubricious color and bag of classical water chestnut case to press grain, condole acts the role of the love with irregular collocation to go up in chain, make packet of original and drab Bao Lizeng modern feel.

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