Friday, December 31, 2010

Pat Wedding Dresses to illuminate more the 6 great skill that show nature

Everybody knows, the pose is beautiful, the Wedding Dresses of expressional nature is illuminated is the dream in heart of every accurate bride. Actually, a lot of things should try hard only, can feel to dream to leave beside not far. Prepare the bride that films Wedding Dresses is illuminated, be still in to film somewhat apprehension? Below, 6 great skill let a bride pat perfect Wedding Dresses to illuminate.

The first, cameraman is normally inspirational to filming pose or expression have more, the bride can be communicated more with cameraman, perhaps cameraman still can give you hint when film, or amuse you to let you laugh more naturally more. Of course, him new personality also can take a camera to be patted oneself, consider slowly.

The 2nd, have a best idea, oneself practice to the mirror, see what expression ought not to appear when filming Wedding Dresses is illuminated. When new personality is observing his expression, best from facial the angle that begins observation to differ, still have the head admires a head, wh which direction is the most beautiful make a decision in the heart, see oneself suit even smile, yock, earnest still, mi eye still opens big eye good-looking. This makes integrated expression. Remembering well filming is to be used, bad do not build when taking a picture, appear.

The 3rd, the bride must ask ” to this word is written down “ in the heart, a lot of things want to know through asking gift, but, had better ask to know your person most, for instance: Mom, boy friend and close good friend, they just can give you real answer, find out defect and good qualities, when filming just be able to better performance.

The 4th, new personality also can check the Wedding Dresses that a few netizens film to illuminate with getting online, consult its beautiful pose and the countenance of a few nature, the bride also can be browsed a few 3 inferior the website of orgnaization of Wedding Dresses photography.

The 5th, film the life is illuminated usually do not have what apprehension commonly, pat also meet some more natural, new personality can take careful contrast, him summary is ferial the place that takes well and pat so that where unseemly place is again, come finally a close Chinese ink of one takes on the color of one's company person black.

The 6th, new personality can manage to find time go more a few tourist attractions, how does when next other people of a new type are filming Wedding Dresses is illuminated, reference pose, the exterior of building of shadow of a lot of Wedding Dresses films now choose normally in beauty spot or seaside, accurate bride can ramble on the weekend more.

Expressional nature, the pose is beautiful. Of course, besides above small make up place to mention, still have the one side that more methods know each bride is the most beautiful, the bride can imagine other way practice his expression and movement, search those who belong to oneself hard, this ability appears true.

Monday, December 27, 2010

Building of new group image is popular "travel Wedding Dresses is illuminated" suffer bestow favor on

The reporter understood a few days ago, although this year is common,say " blind year " , but it is " golden pig year " , marry so tide still has add without decrease, and the building of shadow of new Wedding Dresses of Guangzhou is ceaseless like emerge also emerge in large numbers. Especially the business division that in day Henan, aricultural coarse person enrages special flourishing, the floors of a few shadow of new group Wedding Dresses that take personalized course ground of strive to be the first opens business. Additional, old Wedding Dresses store also begins plan to open new store, old store to be repaired again flat perhaps open flagship store to attract a customer.

According to " information times " report, the reporter discovers in the process that visit, the business of Wedding Dresses store after the golden week passes still prosperous. And as " stunt " the photography of travel Wedding Dresses that attracts a customer is more big suffer a youth to favor.

Send shadow building newly: Have his moment with each passing day the market

In the building of Wedding Dresses shadow that comes out in new emerge in large numbers, give priority to with new group style of individuation more. Be aimed at this kind of circumstance, building of shadow of Guangzhou celebrity Wedding Dresses exhibits Pan Baozhen of trade department manager to think, guangzhou has appeared a few this years the building of Wedding Dresses shadow with a lot of large small volume, but live truly come down and of gain not much, midway is absent via what battalion does not go down a few. Walk out of the road of an individuation, get a client approbate, it is management key.

Is Wedding Dresses photography popular nowadays what? The answer that is like you or nest are placed in shadow building pat daylong, that is too moss-grown. A few days ago, buildings of many shadow of brand Wedding Dresses released the trend of autumn winter popularity that Wedding Dresses photographed 2007, individuation and theme are changed became new trend gradually. Among them, personalized theme album, " dress Wedding Dresses goes travelling " , movie poster type became the pronoun with Wedding Dresses modern this year photography in succession.

The reporter understands, current, the palace type Wedding Dresses of colorful heavy and complicated is popular, the Wedding Dresses of Formal Dresses type of fine style also scene is infinite, and the traditional Wedding Dresses of conservative design exits shopwindow stealthily.

Design photograph is compared last year, the design of Wedding Dresses is more fashionable this year, tend delicate change, with world popularity the trend conforms. Pursue contracted, prominent line, belt of such as condole, wait for design without modelling of clipping of neck of shoulder of belt, dew, condole, tall waist, corselet more and more be favorred by contemporary girl place.

Sale enrols newly: Photography of travel Wedding Dresses attracts youth marriage to gather together

From " Yao Ming and Xie Li are in too the lake pats Wedding Dresses to illuminate " after exposure, what viatic Wedding Dresses photographs to also become many youths gradually is new bestow favor on. What compare a tradition is indoor or the Wedding Dresses of landscape of the man-made outdoor photographs, the person can let more comfortable in the process of travel, was full of new move already, film the result is more satisfactory also.

The reporter is visited in discovery, the building of shadow of not little Wedding Dresses such as Wedding Dresses of celebrity of lily of golden madam, gold, Guangzhou, Zhi cypress had rolled out this service, rolled out the circuitry that far and near differs, if double exterior swims 2 days, photography of outer suburbs individual character. And with other movie Lou Yitian is several pairs of new personality to film Wedding Dresses is illuminated different, photography of travel Wedding Dresses can accompany every to go to new personality the find a view of tourist attraction whole journey that they need follows pat. Since whole journey is accompanied, an organization spends a body to make a pair of people of a new type, charge nature is tall also many, of short distance be like and other places of Zhuhai, Shenzhen, a bit further like Li Jiang, 3 inferior the charge of and other places makes many labour firewood families big call a knot not to rise marriage.

"Will look at present, choose of new person selected is more still is short distance circuitry, travel to film again already, when using a flower 9 days only, more economical. " the staff member introduction of some shadow building. It is reported, roll out this service, should let namely travel and pat Wedding Dresses to illuminate become one case repeatedly, leave mode is changed.

Yang Chunyu of manager of department of career of culture of limited company of photography of art of Wedding Dresses of Guangzhou gold madam tells a reporter, photography of travel Wedding Dresses changed what mode changes to film way, the guest's choice is much also. But the new people that chooses photography of travel Wedding Dresses at present is not much, a life rhythm because of Guangzhou are faster, very hard enough time enjoys edge travel edge to pat marriage the pleasure that take, because charge compares common marriage,illuminate photography second a lot of taller.

Occupy the personage inside certain line of business to analyse, viatic Wedding Dresses is bestowed favor on newly according to what had become a youth. Besides film besides the characteristic that go up, these Wedding Dresses illuminate processing of auxiliary still and bold digital later period: Wonderful colour is adjusted and font effect of individuation, font is designed, contemporary feeling and fashionable feeling are full of on whole, this also is the main factor that its obtain the market to approbate.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Although case of travel expense of travel of different ground Wedding Dresses is expensive however gradually popular

5 smallpox drop 20 thousand yuan of newlywed person willing dig down

"51 " just passed, many stiffness are over the new personality of honeymoon begins to be on the net " bask in " Wedding Dresses is illuminated, among them Wedding Dresses of the most popular ground of different of nothing is more... than swims. The expert points out, at present the portion of capital shadow building is in shrink, film means is sufferring the challenge that different ground Wedding Dresses swims machine-madely. But operator must want to consider environmental protection issue, concerned branch also should draft code in time, lest this action is caused to the environment,destroy.

The price does not poor: The most expensive 5 smallpox are sold 20 thousand

On the net "bask in" the plus size wedding dresses that come out illuminates outer door scene sundry, the tourist attraction is with Yunnan most. Controller of building of a shadow expresses Kunming, when they just began to roll out different ground Wedding Dresses to swim last year, the client comes from adjacent basically to save, the new personality of Beijing soars this year, increase nearly 100 pairs from 3 pairs two of last year, often shift to an earlier date even 3 two months make an appointment.

The line that these photography atelier provide is differ, film the level is differ also. So-called have China of the most beautiful course " somewhere else heaven " advocate push arrive from sweet case lira the course of Mei Lixue hill, 5 days of journeys, altogether 16900 yuan, still do not include new personality to be expended to the travelling expenses of Yunnan and accommodation from Beijing, add entirely, do not have 20 thousand yuan to be not hit. The reporter understands, besides Li Jiang, the travel city such as Xiamen, Hangzhou, Zhou Zhuang also rolled out different ground Wedding Dresses to swim, although the price is same very expensive, but still attracted many Beijing tourists.

The businessman discloses: Cameraman base salary 1000 yuan 4

To high price, the businessman has his reason. "For instance that the most expensive course, arrive from sweet case lira in the plum snow mountain, whole journey 200 much kilometers, eating is SamSung class, on the way by cameraman, 3 people accompany assistant and makeup girl, basic fare is not low. Additional, exterior films have a lot of variational, see an azalea sea on the way for instance, cameraman filmed this, do not encounter next time went up, must search afresh every time scene, these are a test. " " somewhere else heaven " chief says. According to introducing, they open the base salary that give to be 4000 yuan to cameraman, still do not include deduct a percentage from a sum of money.

Travel agent: Beijing still does not have this kind of product

Incontestable is, different ground Wedding Dresses swims get of many new personality chase after hold in both hands. "Pat in shadow building marry according to honest too machine-made. " the Xiaozhou that just came back from Kunming says, "Different ground pats Wedding Dresses to be equal to is two people also spent honeymoon together, kill two birds with one stone. Kill two birds with one stone..

Different ground Wedding Dresses swims this cake also lets travel agent smell out undoubtedly business chance. "We had undertaken making an on-the-spot investigation to Xiamen and other places, preparation rolls out the project that different ground Wedding Dresses swims. " Li Ying says the general manager assistant of Chinese nation travel agent, understand according to her, at present Shanghai, guangzhou and other places had developed this project, foreground is very good, but Beijing still rolls out this kind of product without travel agent. Accordingly, they prepare to look for a few better photography atelier, prepare roll out different ground Wedding Dresses to swim, possible sentence, limits can be popularized abroad.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Advertisement seeks young woman to love on bride of Wedding Dresses reincarnate sex appeal

Advertisement seeks young woman to love on Wedding

Pure beautiful Wedding Dress is illuminated

Advertisement seeks young woman to love on Wedding

Vogue is sexy

Advertisement seeks young woman to love on Wedding

Melting Wedding Dress is illuminated

Advertisement seeks young woman to love on Wedding

Enchanting smile

Age is made in much ministry teleplay gently and the appears with figure of perfect and perceptual woman Pan star friendship in advertisement, the temperament with its grace, genuine sensibility and a lot of women are at present rare the tender sex appeal that lack is active go up. Regard sensibility as feminine delegate, pan star friendship has outside nobility not just, she is having solid innermost being to become backup force more. Should performing art bound inherently to blossom the Pan star friendship of the ray as a child the actor that the target becomes actual strength namely, with numerous actual strength the collaboration of director and actor makes she matures slowly, be familiar with by audience place slowly, become current very suffer fix eyes upon 80 hind green God.

The Pan star friendship of elegant sensibility, after putting on wedding dresses more show luxuriant sex appeal, frown and smile, let popular feeling Kuang Shenyi. And turn fashionable young woman student is changed to all be shown again after the head piquant and lovely, deep show strength is shown in short an instant undoubted, add her pure and fresh beautiful beautiful the appearance is in numerous the develop a school of one's own in female star, this is manufacturer of credit card of a lot of cars, bank, mobile phone and ad business favor her reason. Seek the ad that admire orders at that time to seek young woman to arrive as Zhang Yi now, the advertisement of Pan star friendship and work of movie and TV spread all over each magazine TV, be paid close attention to extensively.

Shortly broadcasts much home TV station at the same time " Ruan Ling jade " in, pan star friendship goes again again the new female with the delegate intellectual independence of times of body the Republic of China, piece perform You Wuqian lotusThe intimate good friend of the Ruan Ling jade that act. Acting and exterior pay equal attention to add lucky astral way, pan star friendship sooner or later what beauty blossoms to become straight strong a gleam of very quickly is high grade female star.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Wedding Dresses photography is complained jump 4 times disappear assist remind the person that marry to beware trap

Electric Henan daily reported channel of xinhua net Henan on May 17: (reporter Wang Xiaoxin) on May 16, zhengzhou city disappear assist release an information, accepted May those who involve aspect of Wedding Dresses photography complaining was last year 4 times of the corresponding period, average everyday 5, complained problem basically is in centrally contract, collect fees reach the side such as service acceptance.

"Contract issue is complained heat, because do not have shadow buildingThe text making type of the contract, agreement of consumer place autograph is a businessman beforehand of protocol, avoid of this kind of agreement the legal responsibility that businessman agree carries. If set in the contract, after collection cash pledge or deposit, consumer abandons filming do not return deposit. " Zhengzhou city disappear assist twelve thousand three hundred and fifteen complain central director Huang Jing to say.

Additional, additional collect fees complain not little also. Miss Li complains customer say, this year in March, she ordered a value in the building of shadow of a Wedding Dresses of provincial capital 2888 yuan Wedding Dresses is illuminated. The staff member says, make money, included holding cost. But film that day, her pitch on 2 Wedding Dresses, the staff member says however, the Wedding Dresses of her pitch on belongs to VIP area, need pays additionally 500 multivariate " dress upgrades cost " .

Zhengzhou city disappear assist remind newlywed person, want to choose shadow building cautiously when preparation films Wedding Dresses is illuminated, check its to whether have the relevant aptitude such as industrial and commercial business charter, wholesome licence. Additional, sign written contract or agreement, must fulfil verbal commitment of the businessman to the character, do not want the false conduct propaganda of credulous businessman. In addition, after consumer is accepting a service, must ask for bill etc to shadow building relevant bill and appropriate is saved.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Throw on road of marriage car high speed " spring thunder " brew traffic accident nearly

Report from our correspondent (Peng Liang of reporter Zhou Qi's reporter) one marriage celebrates motorcade to be a graph festival, will ignite unexpectedly " spring thunder " set off on the freeway, the car that tremendous detonation makes rear avoids in succession let, the result brings about roadside of dash against of nearly of car of a BMW to protect column. Yesterday, BMW driver is furious under be obliged to call the police appeal.
Yesterday morning 9 when make, mr Liu that assist fences is dialed call the police phone, say to one marriage celebrates motorcade to set off firecracker on the freeway, of the roadside of BMW car dash against that nearly brings about him to just was bought protect column, hope the police can is in charge of.
After the province is in charge of 9 groups high to receive a reply, rapid announcement directs a center, organize alarm force in assist chaste tree Jing Men serves the freeway inside the area this motorcade intercept. Classics understanding, this motorcade is to be Wang Mou of youth of home town of city of one chaste tree to greet close, the bride lives in Jing Men, for what greet close atmosphere to do livelily, placed on the trailing car of motorcade a lot of firecracker and " spring thunder " , arrange along the road of person specially assigned for a task to set off. Cannot think of, motorcade is firm go up freeway, caused a disorder, the car that tremendous detonation causes rear follow at sb' heels avoids in succession let, return nearly to let dash against of car of a BMW of roadside protect column.
To this, the policeman checked at once Wang Mou's behavior, had written warning, what at the same time Wang Mou also realised him behavior may be brought is serious and sequential, apologize to Mr Liu.

Monday, December 13, 2010

The longest contract flower after sweethearts is engaged 40 years, marry

The longest contract flower the ability after sweethearts is engaged 40 years marries

British media reports 27 days, british carat Kesidu · of Cameron Maikenisi and his lover wool beautiful jade adds 57 years old of men of city Buneisi was ordered early 1969 marriage, however the embarrass as a result of the destiny, they just are on red carpet till last chapel. Two people from be engaged to marry, among unexpectedly be apart long time of nearly 40 years.

Cameron and wool beautiful jade fell in love in July 1968, memory of wool beautiful jade says: "I am 15 years old at that time, still learn to read in Gelanwode, I am in place Cameron was known in a rink, I saw him the first times fall in love with him. " two people were engaged 1969, however, make preparations in them when wedding, brawl makes two people announce to part company unexpectedly under one anger. Written guarantee severally in two people after legitimate child, be in again actually in accidental opportunity meet again.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Hand in hand Wedding Dresses swims calm affection 8 lis of channel

Fiery May, the rose blooms, make an appointment to be in with the sweetheart the Gong Shihe bank of area of scene of 8 lis of channel, let too the solemn pledge of love that travel hill witnesses you, ablution of cataract of the Milky way your duteous love!

Encounter magpie bridge, knot immortal spouse; See flower girl dresses stone kiss, witness hundred years solemn pledge of love; Record jade palace, make hundred years with the wish; Play in chute of the Milky way, accept cataract love severe test; The world on You Tian, experience condition of romance of leisurely of celestial being associate; Group photo before the hundred years tree that connect manage, indicative diamond marriage is celebrated; Hand in hand rosary of red stone river is large and collective marriage celebration ceremony; Compotation avalokitesvara spring is cheap prom dresses water. Decathlon activity you come!

A few days ago, a timely rain adorns the beautiful scenery of 8 lis of channel elfland of one place world, 100 waterfall day joins 100 pools water, reaching the sky of water of chute of the Milky way, the beautiful scenery of be worthy of the name, let your love marriage extraordinary.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Foster strengths and circumvent weaknesses 4 bodies form wears Wedding Dresses opportunely

Not be to only model puts on wedding dresses to just be met beautiful and moving, the body form characteristic that wants him foundation only goes choosing to suit his most, can foster strengths and circumvent weaknesses, the beauty that invites you blossoms indefinitely. The little secret that is Wedding Dresses of choice of form of 4 kinds of common bodies below, consult for sisters.

Foster strengths and circumvent weaknesses

Plump model

Should choose V to get as far as possible, the wedding dress with small waist, concise line, the adornment of collarband is OK and a bit richer, move with attracting the look of others to go up by the body neck above. Head gauze appropriate grows a bit with be being reached simply for beautiful.

Foster strengths and circumvent weaknesses

Abundant buttock

Appropriate wears skirt body the comfortable, low shoulder that emphasizes humeral ministry or sleeveless design, move the upgrade of line of sight of others as far as possible.

Foster strengths and circumvent weaknesses

Bosom is plump model

Of arrogant person on surround line to be able to wear low bosom formal dresses to try to emphasize, but be like the word with very not beautiful scale, petty gain chooses the design with V-neck of a few hearts or collarband simple line, reduce the hyperbole rate of bosom line.

Foster strengths and circumvent weaknesses

Delicate and exquisite

Avoid big bowknot, the Li of massiness person, contrary and tight corset or the design that highlight the upper part of the body are better. Of the humeral arm that stresses bridal beauty for example and arm line without aglet, without design of sleeve or short sleeve.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Sun Fei of sexy red lip poors bridal makeup is gigantic display

Sun Fei poors, our familiar moviedom beauty that cannot be familiar with again. Her cherry small mouth is to let all woman envy, let man adore. And does when her sex appeal red lip match a what kind of scene is bridal formal dresses? See Sun Fei poor together lip of bridal makeup —— makeup gigantic display.

Click a picture to enter below one page >>
Sun Fei of sexy red lip poors bridal makeup is gigantic display

Lip of bride of Sun Fei humble makeup photo is gigantic display

Use labial department the lipstick paint of bright red color, sex appeal is very, be like fire enthusiasticly; And the gules formal dresses wiping a bosom of collocation low bosom, let a person see the temperament of Oriental and classic bride already, let a person think of bride of Frenchy romance dream again. When passion and classic when beginning to collide, her be better than a rose, jing letting a person is admired unceasingly.

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Monday, November 29, 2010

2010 Chun Xia is advanced and custom-built bridal shoe

2010 what bride shoe leads Chun Xia tide, be in advanced and custom-built after issuance magnificent sense of sight is pounded, we can't help plainting the detail design that every brand sheet tastes, among them bridal shoe is deserve indispensably to act the role of on the news briefing, also be stylist the main carrier of outspread originality.

2010 Chun Xia is advanced and custom-built bridal shoe (1)

Bridal shoe (more and wonderful be in: " bride " magazine)
Armani PrivéBridal shoe

Armani Privé2010 advanced and custom-built shoe walks on Chun Xia: The most harmonious deserve to act the role of

Armani Privéshoe continued the theme of “ crescent ” , those who present moon department is tonal with simple sense, style is not much, but every elegant fact is worn. New moon modelling is outspread and become curve form vamp looks contracted, do manual work is unusually delicate however, roll a margin only millimeter sees wide. Material is qualitative unusually rich also, filar damask, crocodilian skin, dumb smooth skin, colour includes deep ash, shallow ash, shallow gold, Mi Bai to wait, every send out a downy ray like moon, it is this season advanced and custom-built the best foil person in releasing.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Arrived heaven, you still remember me

When this quintuplicate building collapses, frost is working overtime in the office of first floor, taking the food taken late at night that stone delivers to her.
They are the young husband and wife of a few months of a pair of newly-married, conjugal love special. Shi Bishuang is big 8 years old, be opposite since the plus size wedding dresses 3 years ago frost bead is like treasure ground to doting on. Because two people are absent a city, still cannot shift a city after many effort. Till half an year before, shi Caici went working, the city that is in to frost alone.
Frost has a forms for reporting statistics to will be handed in tomorrow, but because made a mistake a data, make number right all the time do not go up. Must continue to work overtime in the late evening, arrived to had not found out a problem to go out however partly at 10 o'clock be in, hit a phone to act like a spoiled child to marital complaint then. Then stone took food taken late at night to accompany her wife, checking together with her the data in the file. See the husband walks into the office in, of frost full abdomen vanish completely immediately discomposedly. Stone, it is her pillar all the time, outer person looks, she is a very able girl, but in front of stone, she is a young woman forever. Look at brilliant face of the husband, the mood is just like the sky outside the window general, bright and clinking. Stone fondly the hair that touching her, the command wears say: "Good, go having a thing. I will check. "On then frost is carrying food taken late at night darlingly to flower girl dresses sit to stone, eating to be contained completely at the same time at the same time staring at him fondly, his face, everything his, she sees not tire of forever. She believes, want the husband to go into action only, on this world it doesn't matter does the thing that be less than. As expected, be less than quarter, stone found out that mistake, smiling consider speaks his wife a few. And be in right now, this saying early to want to tear open before New Year and use constrainedly up to now office building, be in it seems that also bear not to have negative charge again right now, be without omen unexpectedly with a loud crash collapse.
A few seconds in, two people were buried to be in remains. Had not known how long, when frost from insensible in when awaking, at the moment inky, do not know to be in where personally unexpectedly temporarily. There is a hollow floor slab on the body, but luck is good, the other one aspect of the matter of this floor slab is being propped up by another floor slab however, she makes on the body that just is pressed in her cannot move, won't make her get hurt however. A moment ago insensible because the thing is bungled on her head,be, additionally leg ministry does not know is be broken by what, bone was broken it seems that, seem to bleeding, but because board pressing, she feels the crus that is less than her. Humeral back office also has keenly feel, feel also bleeding.
"Stone! Stone! Are you in? "Frost remembered her man abruptly, crying. Without reaction she is afraid of extremely, with a chirp cry rise. "Frost, am I in this …… you how …… how? …… has …… to get hurt? "Shi Wei's young voice uploaded to come over from her edge. She is written down, in collapse flashy, stone attacks to be pressed on her body, but how the meeting is separate now, she had been unable to call to mind.
"Husband! Your …… you how? ! "Frost is listening marital sound is more than at ordinary times, terrified the ground is crying.
"I do not have a thing. Be the move that be pressed is not moved only. "Stone is like calmly suddenly at ordinary times, saying: "Baby, do not be afraid of, I am in this, are not afraid of! "Frost feels the hand of stone extends the arm that came over to come up against her, catching closely with closefisted hastily. Stone is holding the hand of frost, some are asp, but strong, the fear that makes her was reduced immediately a lot of.
"My crus seems to bleeding ……" frost continues to saying: "A flag is pressed on my ham. Husband, should we die in this? Should we die in this??
"How be met? Save us a little while with respect to meeting somebody. "Stone is clasping the hand of the wife: "The cravat that uses me binds the leg that you bleed, do not wear quite crus binds ham, had jumped over more closely. "Say to discount wedding gowns take turn around and stretch out one's hand, gave tie come over. Frost takes marital word, give sanguinary leg bind, but because effort is insufficient, not can effective stanch blood stream.
If nobody will save them, be to bleed to you can flow dead? Frost is thinking scaredly. Had extended the playing stone hand with close closefisted again, only such, her ability not so fear. She feels marital hand is trembling suddenly, is Shi Ye fearing? At this moment, do not know to transmit the cry of mice from which, frost screamed. Her life most those who be afraid of is mice, now this case, mice calculates climb her head, defy feebly.
"Wife, do not be afraid of. I am in, mice dare not come over. Come over I am bungled dead! "" stone knows frost is in what be afraid of, saying " old day easily to look for an opportunity intentionally to let us go through thick and thin together intentionally. Your hematic stanch? Your hematic stanch?

Monday, November 22, 2010

Fun classic hand-painted handbag

The concept of travel as the French designer Barbara Rihl, this season or from the tourist source of inspiration for the creation of the concept, introduced to meet different people, the needs of diverse types of features travel package section, also a strong fun element into the Pop package shall design, whether it is representative of 50's pop culture posters of beautiful women, or full of quaint style of hand-painted graffiti, can enable individuals to shape outstanding cool!

Barbara Rihl this season most impressed the package section, is poster girl leather bag, to accompany the Second World War through the countless number of American soldiers homesick poster girl for the night, this time in order to transfer techniques to show the beautiful retro design the leather, bringing fresh and unique sense of fun.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The mother leaves my money

I year young when, the mother dies due to illness. Hou Jiali is poor in those days, the child is much. The mother wants go to the fields to work all the day, cook, spin, weaving, patchy, sleep late everyday rise early. tired a single person is sick, do not have money to treat again, left us early. Elder sisters assume the responsibility that had a mother, I and little brother drag big.
Every time I hear associate people call " mom " , say mom is done to oneself gladly delicious, seam new clothes, I remembered my mother. How do I hope my mother can live well, be together with us! But this is impossible.
In my impression, the mother always wears unlined upper garment of right front of a garment of hand-woven cloth of a blue, locking up brows, complexion is cadaverous. Always cough at the same time, work at the same time, never beat and scold us easily.
Listen to elder sister and village person to say, maternal heart is deft. When she is young, often do embroider work to rich other people. Sometimes Everyman home gets married daughter, also ask shade of kiln of maternal embroider pillowcase, beautiful shoe, scale of what. Maternal brushwork, embroider is tasted, I had seen a few only a few. Appreciation is taken when I am sensible, was stupefied simply. A picture goes up in the handkerchief " kylin sends child " , used line drawing technique. That composition of a picture, that line, have a kind of clever energy of life it seems that. This spirit gas can capture you, with you the heart is interlinked, make you fondle admiringly.
The old people that listens to the village says, the mother traces inwrought pattern, the picture that never has painted beforehand stalks of grain. It is to draw the article that wanting embroider directly, the edge thinks the edge is drawn, get sth done without any letup. Say to also be blamed, I never had seen the mother draws picture, inwrought, paper-cut, but I am right these skill unexpectedly self-taught. Is this why? I think, see work of maternal brushwork, inwrought, paper-cut, it is her that masterly craft shook me, the clever energy of life that gives fully in work moved I. Make me special to this one skill on heart, special love, have the strong desire that masters this one skill, just accomplished so look to be met.
Once, the mother bought bedcover of a beautiful serge, prepare quilt. Of cloth both ends cut out mouth, take off below a few very fine woof. The mother comes its pick up, synthesis is three-ply, the rub that use a hand becomes a wider line, do needlework work with the line with fine rub next. This issue is very difficult to my impression. Usually, the cloth that the machine weaves, those who use is very fine gauze. Do manual needlework, this kind of line is too fine, break easily, cannot use directly. The time that takes to be worn less is lacked in that, if throw away, too regrettablly if; is not thrown, it doesn't matter is used. But clever and the mother is economical, can become useless to be treasure unexpectedly, the little thrum that drops even cloth mouth also is used rise, on the clique use. Went how many years, I often remember the mother cherishs, that one screen that uses thrum. Get along usually, I accomplish keep expenditures within the limits of income as far as possible. Below probable condition, want to have surplus. Should have a thing old, bad when wanting to throw away, I think way looks can become useless to be treasure. To trash recycle, prolong service life, managing expenditure. The nurturance of these good conventions, it is the effect that sufferred a mother.
I very content with one's lot, what the mother leaves me is laborious, economical goodness, this is the mental fortune with rich and generous brushstroke. I overshot with this fortune second difficulty, overcame one heavy difficulty.
I think, this kind of fortune, in hard time useful, because we want; of poverty gives rise to a desire for change,in the country flourishing, people is born when work is rich, as much useful, because we want be vigilant in peace time.

Monday, November 15, 2010

New try, Sofia Coppola for Louis Vuitton bags

Sofia Coppola give Louis Vuitton another assortment of handbag, the brand new assortment nevertheless take advantage of the previous shape of final collection, but a good deal more completely different color and promotion within of the opening, cream color and brown color are two of my favorite, specifically cream one, the pure and clean color give your apparel entirely elegant away from your mind for the toss, and I believe this bag will are available to be the loco loot of Hollywood starts and models!!

Sofia Coppola for lv.jpg

Try believe about this winter ouis Vuitton napped wool suit with this handbag you can match with cotton coat or fur waistcoat, and also this color will be nevertheless beautiful in spring and summer! This may be the perfect interpretation of classic and timeless!