Thursday, March 31, 2011

Ni can choke up with sobs on wedding of · radical De Man

Although report from our correspondent is done sufficient confidential measure, ni but the bridal photograph of · radical De Man or leak. In Ni but bridal the following day, she and Keyes · strategics point this marriage gauze is illuminated had been exposed to the sun by media smooth.
Ni can take a white 25 days together with father local time Laosilaisi, a gothic cathedral that heads for Sydney seaside held wedding. The guest that attends wedding according to discloses, "Ni is choking up with sobs all the time, in bridal ceremonially also be such, so that must be several below veil,wipe tear. Whole spousal makes a person touch very much, special beauty, ni but white veil looks light spirit is elegant, the United States is like illusion " . This guest still discloses, after reading oath statement, ni can be in once more with marital Keyes bridal and photogenic embrace and sob.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Mo Shaocong is easy admit to marry bridal young bride next year

Mo Shaocong faces media to expert divulge, will marry at next year smaller than oneself Hong Yan of actor of outback new show.

Mo Shaocong marries feeling of happiness of outback young bride to be in overtones next year

Mo Shaocong

Comprehend marry outback young bride with happy next year

The brigade of Tibetan marathon also is the brigade that purifies the heart. The Mo Shaocong with grown city life loves cleanness most, and as more and more thorough Tibet the ground of this soul, mo Shaocong him disclosure also is being changed gradually, previously now and then he what see cow dung is holding nose to go away instantly, can take cow dung now special also nature, "The person's suiting capability is very strong really, in Tibet your meeting is affected deeply by the honest place of local, after blending in nature thoroughly, you can have pure feeling. You can have pure feeling..

The Mo Shaocong after coming back from Tibet becomes good-tempered, review a bit of life of him associate with, because junior and flighty and those who commit is wrong,have courage straight him side eventually. Young the Mo Shaocong when is group of Hong Kong entertainment is eminent " beautiful heart is big little " , in was being interviewed yesterday, he still exposes to the sun oneself oneself " amorous " . Making what hurt with the god Mo Shaocong is awkward most nevertheless is a paragraph of affection with Hong Xin of Hong Kong female star, hong Xin still gives birth to next illegitimate child for Mo Shaocong, and nowadays already 7 years old of big children admit without what get Mo Shaocong all the time however. Mo Shaocong plainted yesterday, oneself henceforth won't recommit such mistake, want to cherish the person beside well however.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Marry oath evolves into 5 phase

The first phase: Behavioral oath.

Before liberating, bridegroom of that moment bride does not meet, hear the talk of intermediary Shuo, the bride when marrying is covering red lid head, do obeisance to listen when hall salute government-owned order, do obeisance to heaven and earth, 2 Bai Gaotang, it is husband and wife next to doing obeisance to, send bridal chamber. Salute official and relatives and friends can wish them hoary head arrives to be born often, early expensive child. Both sides of the husband and wife in whole process does not speak, behavioral protocol is more, do not talk to go up have marry oath.

The 2nd phase: With song acting oath.

Arrive after liberate " Culture Revolution " before, the song that a few great leap forward should sing when moment marriage then perhaps fights the song of beautiful aid face.

The 3rd phase: Ana is oath.

"Culture Revolution " period, both sides of the husband and wife when marrying should recite a paragraph " Culture Revolution " catchword or ana.

The 4th phase: Use western tradition oath.

Arrive after reforming and opening on century 90 time metaphase, the west wears marriage gauze to be passed into China into church marriage form, a lot of Chinese marry to imitate this one form, marry oath also used them " depart us till death " " to death not change " and so on.

The 5th phase: Be in power of oath of individual character material benefit.

Go up century after 90 time metaphase, at that time bridal and basic it is match well of Chinese and Western, marry oath also is more and more individual character is humorous, "All one's life changeless " such word is good say bad however implementation, then with when the oath that all takes was born subsequently.

----Wedding is at present genteel the marriage of travel oath cent is 4 kinds

It is sturdy model: "After marrying, I can take good care of you, cherish you. Cherish you..

2 it is deal with concrete matters relating to work model, do not beg luxuriant express intention only.

For instance: "I can insist to do chore one hour everyday, if encounter,be away on official business the deadline after waiting for special account to come back fills neat. If encounter,be away on official business the deadline after waiting for special account to come back fills neat..

3 it is romantic model:

"I am your prince when love, after marrying, my general becomes Bai Ma, faithful and willingly bear the burden of hard works, although I cannot be done immediately

Perfect, but meeting very hard. But meeting very hard..

4 it is humor model:

This also is a kind of the most popular now oath. Although some produce content,laugh, but of expression also is new personality to the sweetheart true

Earnest feeling.


The woman after *80 gets married oath

This old young lady from small natural disposition character of lively be apt to, like the man of language of little speech few at ordinary times, so the spouse in the future is a Guo Jing certainly kind character, although still do not know he is in He Fang, but I had waited for him impatiently. This not, I had drafted even oath first: Feng Tiancheng carries, tian Dizhao says. Because of such-and-such and close-lipped Mu Ne, not good at one's words, suffer the ill will of person ride roughshod over from time to tome, my pity this life sex is honest and tolerant, breadth of mind is broad, humanness is cordial, be sure blessing newspaper is not shallow, and watch its face to have salary of hundred years birthday accordingly. Special the Jin Ainv of dispatch sign, character of be apt to is namby-pamby but person one under one's name altogethers, accompany the left and right sides, for its lifelong spouse, certainly will sweeps couch every day for government-owned person, tender in order to wait for, raise case neat eyebrow, the husband is sung wife along with. Give white plump my son at be being added after October, for reincarnation of star of music of heavenly palace article, be born becomes word, clever and bright, the future is like bright and beautiful. After accepting decree, such-and-such the love daughter that answers me is favorite have add, caress softly, genuine in order to wait for, lifelong must not cheat, do not get disloyalty. If have the person that violate, I the your daughter female reincarnate river east the lion, nocturnal night is blusterous, such-and-such write down sincerely. Admire this.

The man after *80 gets married oath

Be fond of report of the Shanghai that tell a company: Tonight, sound is blessed in everybody in, bridegroom, namely I, such-and-such and as formal as the bride marriage. This is an important matter in life of two people love, also be a happy event in close friends. Since get acquainted with to going up in the clique of friend, our feeling experienced ambiguous hearsay level first, the amour that decides after that becomes a friend to encircle medium news, back-to-back move has red to hear again explode piece, final the decision that we marry makes this paragraph of the fate brings lovers together becomes today's happy event to hear.
The series that I believe to today's wedding is concerned happiness reports leave piece. In the following life, I pledge, handle the instruction of bilateral parents, I resemble strictlying observe news discipline certainly same, obedient leader, accept government, carry out self-consciously; Treat housework, I run like social journalist certainly news in that way, all matters, trifles, willingly bear the burden of hard works; Treat domestic finance affairs, I am treated like reporter of finance and economics certainly appear on the market the company is same, logarithm word is sensitive, serious to the principle, make public oneself financial standing to wife at any time; Handle the inquiry of wife, I hold to the authenticity principle of news certainly, do not conceal, distort fact, especially salary of not optional alter, mobile phone short message accepts an inspection at any time.
The most important of course is, to wife take care of like wanting to be met like news plan, want more to nod, point of view is a bit newer, the action is bit more meticulous, wind strategic place considers a bit more sufficient. If somebody dares affront wife, I resemble recreational reporter certainly, especially dog young team approachs star private life in that way, do not let off any his clues, pursuit is stricken. To uphold wife, I can resemble investigating a reporter certainly in that way, do not be afraid of menace, even if is dangerous place, also want sound one explore, even if is hit, also want to hold to after all. I pledge, the happy entrust with my lifetime general did not come at ours, gift life like war correspondent the cause is same, gift my life our marriage, to absolutely refuse to change

Monday, March 28, 2011

Ma Malin - holding wedding and bridegroom 15 days is teachers and students love

Ever sowed teleplay in heat " merman young lady " in the Li Zaien of Korea female star that acts Ma Malin will become beautiful bride on April 15.

Will report on April 10 according to Korea Newsen website, begin to appearance from childhood, active the bride that the actor that performs art circle near 20 years in Korea holds singer Li Zaien concurrently to be about to become a handsome man. This man is called Li Qingzhu, two people evolve from the teacher-student relationship in the university for sweethearts, will be in at 6 o'clock afternoon on April 15 an Er CENTRAL CITY hold wedding.

Li Zaien this year 27 years old, li Qingzhu is bigger than her 9 years old, this year 36 years old, current and alive an university dancing department read a doctor. Li Qingzhu is a dancer, ever worked in national dancing group, had held the position of ex-president to take office as the choreography of the major activity such as opening ceremony of ceremony, world cup, ever went out personally act, the choreographer that also becomes opera at present works.

According to the report, the first time of Li Zaien and Li Qingzhu encounters is to be 16 years ago, they go out together at that time performed music Thespian " house apical violin " . Their lot is this not just, their with actor and choreography home identity 3 years ago encounters again, but two people are written down each other,do not have each other, within an inch of loses lot. Because once was a country,the Li Zaien of one's previous experience of happy artistic high school is opposite all the time later Korea country is happy very madly, so 2003 from Dong Denv child after the university performs art department to graduate happy to country of the university central department learns join a class in the middle of the course, hear class hour in this university just about with teach orchestic Mr. Li Qingzhu to renew leading edge.

It is reported, bridal the show that day will be main happy with Korea country give priority to, still have by the CLASSIC of soprano Wu Meishan and baritone Jin Dongyuan (classic) and south sing together with Jiang Minxiu " love song " the country is happy (announce all music) and all sorts of music such as masses music. And each personage comes to a lot of all circles attend the wedding that blesses them

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Which are the best marketing Paul's store bags in 2011 and exactly why?

Pauls Store bags are usually famous throughout the world. Number regarding items can be acquired on this kind of boutique. This boutique provides a person total new seem with garments, accessories which includes bags as well as other wardrobe. Here we all will discuss just about one merchandise of Pauls boutique and its particular bags.

Bags are the main item. A lot of people have this kind of concept in which bags are less necessary since clothes, boot, and diamond jewelry. But that is totally any misconception. Bags not merely enhances kinds dress but in addition gives a fresh look for the person's persona.

Keeping this at heart Pauls Store bags offer a good variety regarding bags. While they know in which bags takes on vital function in grooming kinds personality and also in getting others toward oneself.

Carrying one form of bag with different varieties of dressing not produce a person bore just about all spoils the sweetness of fresh dress. That is why Pauls store offers variety of options for the customer.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Liang Chaowei wants to a home plans to marry Liu Jialing this year

Because Guo Taiming intervenes your feeling shines,Liang Chaowei and cummer Liu Jia Ling ever had been passed a red light, after afterwards Liu Jia Ling states with bridge face Wei in a planned way marries publicly, liang Chaowei yesterday (On Feburary 25) also disclose first have marry plan, look to whether there is schedule for showing motion pictures in a theater this year, but he states with Liu Jialing the red before is heard have nothing to do!

Liang Chaowei is attended with identity of ambassador of recreation of Hong Kong movie and TV yesterday " recreation of movie and TV of the 4th Hong Kong reads extensively " press conference. These a few months often disclose Liu Jialing to marry with in a planned way of bridge face Wei, liang Chaowei exhibits yesterday smile happily say: "Already planned a lot of years, just do not squeeze all the time give time, although Hong Kong film once low, but or flourishingly, I am very busy, look to be able to be free this year archives, sometimes the person calculates calculate as the day. Sometimes the person calculates calculate as the day..

Whether to ask he already proposed successful? He said to plan old, need not. Whether to come to be placed at meeting wine and pat marry according to? The meeting after he says to fulfil is detailed tell everybody, ask he has very great opportunity this year? He says: "Say not to know, the person calculates calculate as the day. " why does respecting just have this year marry features, liang Chaowei says: "Begin to take shape all along, age has the possibility so big, there is Gao Tang on, should consider seriously so (whether to want to give birth to a child? ) not be so simple. (is mom urged marriage? ) my age has so big! ) my age has so big!!

Is Liang Chaowei asked about whether be heard because of the red before Liu Jialing and to whether be heard because of the red before Liu Jialing and marry quickly? He says: "Age concerns, I many years old 40, not should when 60 years old, the person's physical ability is different! " what hope to Chenguan is naked illuminate disturbance, liang Chaowei says this thing does not want to be taken again discuss, because of drag in a lot of person, a lot of people already sufferred harm, hope this thing goes quickly. Ask he feels Chen Guanxi exits Hong Kong recreation to encircle, regrettablly? He says: "I believe the thing that he did, already paid very heavy price, did not want to say again. " of respecting fertile a general term for young women die, liang Chaowei also sighs greatly very regrettablly, she is be worth everybody study and valued elder actor, its spirit always can stay at the world.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Recommendations on cleaning the particular authentic artist designer bag or venturing bag

Many folks appreciate all individuals designer totes as well as carriers each time. Together with all the cash that individuals have found purchasing a solid authentic inventor ladies handbag along with bag a lot of people want to adopt excellent therapy ones to make certain some folks remain seeking wonderful. You will have to often apparent ones stylish handbags since part of your respective maintenance program.

1. Family leather bags, shopping hand bags, bag in addition to bags will probably be made by means of completed man made leather this type of because alligator. These people must be cleaned out at the least when virtually any 12 weeks with couch soap. You are able to utilize that includes a soaked clear wash material. And next wash any carrier dry out then hire a synthetic buckskin cream along with protectant. You'll need to work with one a lot more soaked clear fabric to reduce any restorative healing.

2. Crecen bags. To reduce soil and in addition particles with a straw wallet you need to work using a vacuum clean around the cheapest placing as well as area any pvc stocking above any conclude of one's hose pipe to stop damaging the specific hay. It could be best to work with the substance small towel or simply silk natural cotton swab to aid apply genuine clothing soap in regards to the much unclean locations. Employ one more clean damp soft towel to reduce seepage. Let the actual carrier to aid weather dehydrated. Heated water is obviously greatest to do business with seeing in which hot water may perspective your straw. Otherwise, if the hay is quite solid on your own case you are able to start employing a fabric guard to aid shield your own personal travelling bag. Never utilize the straw bag until virtually any shell gives dry fully in order to avoid damaging your own personal clothing.

a few. Materials hand bags. Once the particular bag will be new it may get best so that you can bottle regarding spray some type of cloth protectant before utilizing. Your very own authentic inventor bag must often become washed by simply professionals. If the truth is not necessarily too soiled it may get doable in order to clear the bag all on your own. If an individual undertake choose so that you can clean your own personal material bag it may get best if you check the particular cleaning product on the part of your bag where it's going to stop noticed. The best location to test any washing products is practically certainly underneath and in addition really fold with all the handbag. You may want need to utilize almost virtually any great upholstery solution designed for luggage that may cannot become cleansed.

The countless benefits regarding nurturing on your own genuine inventor bag or simply just travelling bag.

(a) Your own personal preliminary purchase inside your genuine custom made handbag will probably be recognised when you preserve ones own bag seeking beautiful.

(m) On a regular basis nurturing on your own developer bag will probably maintain virtually any worth of one's designer purse and in addition handbag.

(k) You'll receive very pleased to indicate away from ones tailor made purse to be able to buddies, family or simply associates.

(deborah) Ones own genuine tote lasts for virtually any extremely lengthy skill and also search entirely remarkable.

(ourite) As soon as you obtain the following authentic tailor made travelling bag you can the item in your properly included beautiful collection. If perhaps this can be ones original authentic designer obtain enjoy so you can include to your beautiful purchase in addition to another traditional developer bag or simply just travelling bag.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Intended Li Min marries to do not have play temporarily

Diamond is by what the mankind says " lapidary king " , make the highest lapidary variety, outside be being concerned except the quality that has charm with diamond itself, still wait with the exploration of diamond bed, treatment having close relationship.
1. The immanent glamour character with inherent diamond
As gem, must have beautiful, fast and exiguous element of this 3 gist. Diamond is exclusive a kind of part is top hardness, strong refractive index and tall chromatic dispersion the lapidary breed at an organic whole, any other gem breed cannot are likened to. Such Bao Zhongzhi treasure, rare medium rarely, manage place ought to the ground is become expensive medium most.
2. Diamond culture is of long standing and well established
From of old, what diamond is regarded as influence, august, position and riches and honour by the mankind all the time is indicative. The character of eternity of its indestructible, all-conquering, faithful and firm and persistent Yang Gang, it is the objective that the mankind pursues forever. It is had potential, enormous culture value.
3. Diamond bed seeks hardship, the cost is huge
Of diamond bed search, in resembling fokelore in that way, fall not carefully to be handed in can discover field of a diamond. Of diamond bed seek often should spend on a few years, mix to effort of about a hundred years very labor, the cost is huge. Seek like what former Russia Siberia lays diamond field formerly, begin from 1913, all previous classics hardships of 18 years, ability is able to discover; Of Botswana " Ou La " former unripe bed, cost 32 million dollar, all previous comes out via struggling ability mining of 12 years; In last few years, the diamond that discovers in Canadian northwest ministry lays field formerly, it is the tough effort that experienced a few acting rocksy, the cost amounts to a few dollars to just be found at least.
4. Diamond bed amount is little, grade of bed of lapidary class diamond is low
The amount of world diamond bed, if be compared with iron, copper and photograph of golden mine amount, can saying is so little that have pity on, can be counted on one's fingers. In the diamond that goes out in exploitation, on average only 20 % reach lapidary level, and 80 % can use the rest at industry only. But the value of diamond of lapidary class of this 20 % is equivalent to diamond of 80 % industry however of 5 times. World diamond produces per year a quantity to be 100 million carat about, lapidary class is 15 million carat about, and the agreement that machines diamond is 4 million carat (be equivalent to 800 kilogram) .
Rough statistic discovers somebody, should get 1 carat (0.2 grams) already the diamond with good burnish, need digs about 250 tons of ore.
5. The dimensions huge of exploitation, difficulty is extremely tall
The exploitation of diamond bed, can saying is a dimensions tremendous, however attentive to the utmost the job. In exploitation process, need sufficient exploitation to contain the ore of diamond already, want again overcautious, in order to ensure grain of original rock of the diamond in ore is in good condition nondestructive. Extract undeserved meeting causes huge loss of economy. It is opencast working no matter, still be subterranean mining, it is the project of an impetus and occasion huge, the investment of manpower material resources is adv unimaginably.
6. Diamond machine program is complex, man-hour amount is large
The ore classics that goes out to exploitation is elaborate and broken and grading hind, do not resemble other metal bed same, can throw the smelt of large quantities of quantities, should undertake chasing an elaborate and careful analysis to each diamond semifinished product however, ability decides next cutting to grind plan, in order to ensure its weight, clean spend and design. This often needs optical to diamond itself physics property to the personnel with sufficient understanding, quite rich experience will undertake. Common step is: ① designs graticule; ⑧ is broken off auger; ⑧ curiums auger; ④ car is gotten; ⑤ is ground auger; ⑥ is cleaned classification. And still included in this each measure lots and lots of small order. Each half step needs masterly engineering technology and rich experience. Take the world most for the diamond austral library benefit, original rock weighs 3106 carat, the craftsman with 3 seasoned, preeminent craft, work 14 hours everyday, cost 8 months in all, just break up it 4 to be gotten greatly with 101 bradawl. Have the treatment of some of world-renowned diamond, often design only should spend a few months, even 1, time of 2 years.
7. In consumer hand, the experience of a diamond is various
According to somebody preliminary count, a diamond, the exploitation from it, grading, treatment, classification, sale, in selling purchaser the hand finally, involve 200 much people about, one plunges drop is natural god and the crystallization of blood of 200 much popular feeling, of diamond extremely precious namely amid.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Furla line is concise vanity of meaning type popularity

 Furla line is concise vanity of meaning type popularity

 Furla line is concise vanity of meaning type popularity

The distinct personality of FURLA behaves the color that abounds in its and design to go up. Its design idea to pick take the natural view from Italy, if water Qing Dynasty is sanded young the flowers of the Chinese olive garden of the caique on beach, blue waves, green leisurely and the four seasons, be permeated with attractive meridional amorous feelings. It does not have exaggerated brand, behave a lady by concise line and clever colour young and lively, handsome the material with self-confidence.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Happiness of 10 big female stars is enunciative 2011

Guide language: The person of “ happiness always is bright like the flower, happy flower encounters sunshine to be able to in bud in full bloom! ” look for flexibly Lang Jun, accompany one case with the person photograph that love each other, it is every happy woman's happiest days. High-key express love feeling character, low-key state reservation is argumentative. When love will knock, brave step pace, hold your hand, arrive hand in hand old!

   Cao Ying

Cao Ying Cao Ying and Wang Ban

“ is repaired 10 years so that cross with the boat, hundred years repair in all pillow Mian ”

Happy and enunciative: By 2011, cao Ying and spot of male friendly king uploaded marriage gauze to illuminate in rich guest severally with video, still very all pair of friends of become enamoured and vermicelli made from bean starch publish acknowledgment statement. Look, 2 people love long-distance running of ten years eventually communications center line. Expect the romance that witnessed 2 people 2011 is bridal.

Happy index: ☆ of ★ of ★ ★ ★

 Chen Shu

Chen Shu Chen Shu and Zhaoyin offspring

“ body is achromatic Feng Shuangfei ala, the heart has Ling Xi to connected ”

Happy and enunciative: By 2011, pianist Zhao Yinyin sends in Shanghai music, for cummer with piano Chen Shushi song accompanies, announce oneself to propose to beautiful woman on the spot on the meeting. And Chen Shu is implicative also in rich guest write: The meaning of ring is affirmatory. Look, belonged 2 people 2011 fly hand in hand be about to take off.

Happy index: ☆ of ★ of ★ ★ ★

 Liang Jingru

Liang Jingru Liang Jingru and Tony

“ wishs to be in the day fly wing to wing bird, wish to be Lian Lizhi ”

Happy and enunciative: Liang Jingru of ” of Queen of heaven of “ love song and pat the fiance Tony that procrastinates 3 years to will marry formally in Malaysia on Feburary 19, 2011, and the warmth that 3 bridal banquet of island of Philippine long beach, Malaysia, Taipei will let sweet conjugal love husband and wife experience love to the top of one's bent.

Happy index: ★ of ★ of ★ ★ ★

 Mr Wu if

Mr Wu if Wu Jun if with Chen Kexin

If two affection of “ are long when growing, be in again days ”

Happy and enunciative: A few days ago, if Mr Wu attends an activity to be its in Changsha new piece when conduct propaganda, express to will end lone career with Chen Kexin in pairs 2011, formal promote does Mrs Chen. After “ gave birth to the child, a lot of people call me Mrs Chen, feel pretty is good, it is this to everybody one is explained. If Mr Wu with hopeful and optimistic ” conceals inner joyance hard, share the sweetness of love together with everybody.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Necessary hand wraps fashionable white-collar afternoon tea

Sunshine languid is illuminated lazily into the room afternoon, fall next scattered shadow, the afternoon tea time that sisters make an appointment, the hand package that must have grace joins, classical OL dresses up tie-in and delicate hand bag, sure meeting makes you modern shine again eye.

Argent vanity does not have the regulation that what must follow

Editor proposal: Argent vanity does not have the regulation that what must follow, the color of dress should be a bit more contemporary nevertheless, ability lets them increase individual character for your beauty. And, argent can be you ordinary dress up add cent, the ability that meets such wearing is a true outfit ace.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Generation beauty is married wealthy businessman decodes process of Lin Qingxia wedding

On June 29, 1994, southeast American san Francisco city the Xiersibao of 20 kilometers an a person of extraordinary powers curtilage inside, guest friend gathers, flower everywhere. The marriage that this is Xing Li Yuan and Lin Qingxia pitch on Temple of God. For deck this Temple of God, xing Li Yuan ordered 50 thousand flower, here deck became passion pediment sea.

And in san Francisco another ground, lin Qingxia is in a Li Jingxin ground of parents to await. Saying is an oddity really, when be engaged with Qin Xianglin in those days, she cried, and be cry greatly all the way more than. Mix later meet again of Chinese of the Qin Dynasty, wave twists and turns has folded 8 years, although

Without any grand ceremonies, on the plane that can fly to Japan that from Hong Kong, lin Qingxia is to cry likewise. Have this only, should walk into that mystery and marital hall of Mo Ce, her heart calms however as calm offing, billows not Jing.

Around what be beside Lin Qingxia, it is she helps a female friend then, liu Yiqing, Zhang Liren, Yang Guimei, Guanni, Zhang Lele, Zhou Shenyun. They await Qing Xia to get married one day this it seems that long already, the happiness that everybody shows on the face and joy, more very Yu Qingxia.

Eventually hooter rings, liu Yiqing cries, came, sisters, get ready quickly. Everybody is flashy in the room that ran into Lin Qingxia, the door closely bolt is firm, surround before the door simultaneously next. Knock noise rises, the trailbreaker of bridegroom team is big director Xu Ke, his back, it is the Xing Li Yuan that one swarm person is clustering round. Before Xu Ke walks up, flap Lin Qingxia's door. But the person such as Zhang Liren says whats do not leave, must 10 films that bridegroom speaks Lin Qingxia to had acted, speak 10 advantages of Lin Qingxia, make 10 close motions. Xing Li Yuan does full work, when chasing after Lin Qingxia at the outset, with respect to Ceng Xiang careful research passes her data, 10 films and 10 advantages, should not beat originally he. But because,knowing is too nervous too excited still, xing Li Yuan does not answer to come up actually, later is to be below the help of the person such as Xu Ke, just finish at long last.

Even so, the door still was not opened. According to China consuetudinary, this door is to want those who will bang to spend money, liu Yiqing make a price is 9999.99 yuan, the message is long. The Xing Li Yuan that nature of this bit of cash does not pour body home hard to count, he draws out a chequebook at once, lively and vigorous in calligraphy, above draw up grow string of 9 words. As a result of,knowing is nervous, still want to borrow machine acknowledgment to care these friends that cherishing Qing Xia all the time for years, xing Li Yuan chaperon people 6 when want 9 faults wrote 7 9, come so, at a draught much gave 90 thousand yuan.

In the morning at 11 o'clock, greet close motorcade to enter the spot, bin Peng people stand up simultaneously, meet this pair of newlywed person. The both sides of the gate, hanging a bright red couplet, the first line of a couplet on a scroll is: Bridegroom bride is married newly by bridal chamber bridegroom the bride is fresh, the second line of a couplet is: Person of auspicious of ground of the auspicious when auspicious of thing of auspicious person auspicious does auspicious thing auspicious. This pair of couplet is inscribed in one's own handwriting by Jin Yong of big calligrapher of your work home write.

This is a wedding of typical match well of Chinese and Western, greet be Chinese style in person, bridal process since is Western-style also be Chinese style.

The dean of Western-style wedding is Mai Ke, a pure American, wife Shi Nasheng of Xu Ke holds the position of an interpreter. Musical sound rises, xing Li Yuan is carrying Lin Qingxia to walk along Mai Ke before. Mai Ke faces Xing Li Yuan, ask with English, are you willing to marry Miss Lin Qingxia to be wife? Shi Nasheng gives instantly interpreter. Xing Li Yuan does not need an interpreter naturally, he can understand completely. It is the first hour that asking almost, he has ground of bit of too impatient to wait to say: "Yes, we Do. We Do..  of money of Ji of Qu of Sun Wo ancient wine vessel targets swan a  of  of male ι of badger of Bu of Zhao of left-eyed flounder badge neon of Lu of ancient wine vessel of  of seal of leech  a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct just unplugs cheek is stolen dare ξ of Lao of Suan thin D makes  wisdom slash  wisdom crowded shallow W returns Tuo Xue Huo already common, wear the finger in Lin Qingxia to go up, kissed her next. Lin Qingxia just appears right now some are excited, embrace Xing Li Yuan. Maike declare says: "My representing advocate proof Xing Mr Li Yuan, Miss Lin Qingxia already became formal husband and wife, hope you give aid to each other on road of the following life, life and death and in all. Life and death and in all..

Western-style and bridal ceremony ends, xing Li Yuan holds the daughter Xing Jiaqian that rises 6 years old in the arms. What Zhang Tianai gives birth to the ex-wife that Xing Jiaqian is Xing Li Yuan, zhang Tianai is Hong Kong's famous fashionable dress stylist. Immediately also walks along Lin Qingxia to the side of Xing Jiaqian, reporters raise camera instantly, take a photograph of whole family that left this piece of wedding to go up. Xing Li Yuan laughs very aglitter, lin Qingxia laughs very missishly, xing Jiaqian laughs very constrainedly. In the smile that differs from this, people realizes, lin Qingxia this hind mother, still having a paragraph of extremely hard way to want.

After Western-style marriage ceremony, began ceremony of Chinese style marriage again next. Bridegroom is carrying a bride, before the mother that goes to Xing Li former, in pairs genuflect comes down, xing Li Yuan has taken a cup of tea, hand Lin Qingxia, after Lin Qingxia has been received, hand Xing Tai, affectionately called mom. This is Chinese tradition " daughter-in-law tea " . Xing Taihuan is laughing to had received new son's wife to give freshness tea, drank smally, place in aside, draw out a bright red bag, give son's wife. Disclose according to media say, this only red bag is very fat, it is the check of a piece of 600 thousand dollar.

Do obeisance to husband's father and mother, do obeisance to oneself parents then. Fine of dimension of Xianglin of Xing Li Yuan and Lin Qingxia in pairs and Lin Ma Lanying respect tea. Had received this cup of tea, lin Ma Lan Ying heats up a tear to be filled with the socket of eye, she says to the daughter: "Qing Xia, from today in the future, you are Xing Jia's person, you must endeavor to do a good wife. " Lin Qingxia flushed for the first time in this wedding hot tear, she says to the mother: "Be at ease mom, I meet certainly. " at the same time she says again, "After the daughter gets married, cannot accompany constantly again in you 2 old beside, hope you take care of yourselves well. Hope you take care of yourselves well..

1:30 p.m. , marriage banquet begins, xing Li Yuan and Lin Qingxia are in of emcee lead, propose a toast to guest one by one. Although guest theres is no lack of politics business the distinguished personages of two bounds is gigantic merchant, a pair of new personality approach the first times, it is Jin Yong of knight-errant Great Master however. This expresses golden commonplace since two elder, it is two best friends, still be at the same time most the person that gets respect. Jin Yong raises goblet, say to them: "Wood of fine birds pick and dwell, qing Xia goes after half a lifetime, be fond of knot happy match, delectable but congratulate. Wish your stand together regardless of situation, live to old age in conjugal bliss. " literary Great Master cannot avoid custom actually, also explained what people's expectations puts in 's charge.

Fine jade preciousing jade is Lin Qingxia life is itinerary in all in all character, nature of her honoured guest pay is little not. Her blessing says: "Qing Xia, you this one cloudlet had eventually rely on, will not want henceforth and Mr Xing get angry oh. " educated youth glow person, fine jade precious jade also. Qing Xia is tearful nod, say, you are at ease, old eldest sister, qing Xia is early not be any more in those days Qing Xia, I know head of which light where is heavy. Yun Jing should have a word to say most it seems that, can be in right now, she is hug of He Qingxia deep feeling only merely, everything all is in not call the turn.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

A number of the best trading Paul's sepcialist bags this season and as to why?

Pauls Sepcialist bags really are famous international. Number about items exists on this approach boutique. This boutique provides person filled new check with outfit, accessories for example bags as well wardrobe. Here everyone will discuss just about one supplement of Pauls boutique and your bags.

Bags are crucial item. Most people have this approach concept which usually bags are not as much necessary like clothes, black-jack shoe, and precious jewelry. But this is exactly totally a fabulous misconception. Bags as well as enhances your dress as well as gives an exciting new look to person's attitude.

Keeping this in view Pauls Sepcialist bags offer an excellent variety about bags. Simply because they know which usually bags games vital place in grooming your personality and additionally in appealing others closer to oneself.

Carrying one version of bag with distinct dressing not have a person bore items spoils the beauty of cutting edge dress. Crucial Pauls sepcialist offers selection of options to customer.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Model Models and Us going for evening bags

In these days, inwards the planet of means, Modern forms and sizes are corresponded not likely exclusively gone contrives inward apparels plainly besides at bay the jewellery and extra add-ons that adhere to it. Handbag is actually peerless for the John Roy Primary style gear inwards the latest fashion enterprise and insert dissimilar exemplars. High-dollar and additionally trendier bags are accustomed from trend awake ma'ams and therefore the girlfriends inwards most of the teens to make sure you arrant the latest mode statements or knockout techniques. These a fabulous la option pocketbooks determine brightly by means of clothes with regard to social feature; elegant along with equally danger. Mode bulges recommended for dames really are useable inward innumerous flairs and additionally contrives. These beautiful bags possess expected to make sure you beseem all the decided appreciations about dissimilar manner from emptors.

The peruse of superior style bags commences from burnished multicolored effortless bags to make sure you bags who are a tremendous amount proper at the same time coming approximately vacations. Besides usable are often the genuinely fantastical and additionally multi-pocket articulatio humeri bulges that come out dazzling contrives and additionally fills for. Every forge bag are intended away acquiring it touch combating fabrics having in steel latches, padlocks and additionally Ernst Boris Sequence lashes to create about the software a unequaled aspect. Different characters just by fashion daytime bags feature beach basics, disports glasses of tea and additionally frequenting bags. Original eccentrics come equally travelling bag bags, driving bags, necklaces bags and additionally drawstring bags along with shoulder bags and additionally evening bags. Every single one of bases design high of diverseness for design, size than it and pigmentation.

All but the hands down designings inwards option bags manufactured casting divine help and advice from Bodoni along with equally orthodox cultivations expending a hybridizing of cosmetic production and additionally laceworks. Fancywork figure of succeed and bejeweled do something about besides enter the plan character from that bags. Handbags immaterial exemplars is normally besides secured uncommitted by means of handiwork makes, mirror body systems of succeed and spangle body systems of succeed. These body systems of succeed are actioned so to attention shortfall disorder increased elegance to manner daytime bags. Approximately the hands down mode gear are developed with excessive fat colorises and additionally contain specialized blueprints inward an astounding elbow room or space. The pocketbooks are generally devised attracting economic use of silk, jute, 100 % organic cotton wool wash rag and canvas outdoor tents. Approximately long-familiar rotor blades and output business* provide exemplars and additionally brand custom-made bags to take a look the an alternative specs and additionally requirements the ones useful emptors. Bases really are besides created expending increased materials these sort of nylon, mouldable and additionally dungaree. Imitation leather evening bags, polyester bags and additionally vinyl crew bags along with birth a great deal more takers inwards all the commercialise.

Handbags are operable footings that ooze apart elegance. Couturier bags really are coveted around domicile dwelling to completely geezerhoods and additionally dwell of both genders. The own blueprints and additionally articulatio coxae dashes inward bases moiled come out of the at home by designers befit all of the gustations and additionally expressive style*. Purchasers write off decide primarily crafted daytime bags by every thing fashion, novel idea and temperament these bags deport. Napkin basics are greased a family's palms generally imputable most of the operable public-service corp. Because the software fire follow which is used to carry from various methods targeted and just about every single point demanded in a cosset is justifiedly called on the 'all-purpose newborn baby bag'. Unlike diversities just by embellishments may well cost affecting eventide bulges along with. These embellishments makeup fledges, style lashes, elaborate brooches and additionally articulatio humeri places to eat lathers. Briefly, couturier berm bulges really are rattling a fabulous la option and death cost-efficient.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Unique color clothes in addition to bags connected with tie-in proficiency

A, white would be the most holy coloration, personal emotion is decked out best consequence of coloration, the coloration is far more suited in addition to light coloration attune connected with bags along with the collocation having. White pleasurable assembly having weak orange bag, coloration soft work well; Match having lavender also will not lose a very good combination, match having weak lilac bags can grant a man or women gentle tasteful feeling. White zhiyezhuang balanced with suitable lavender in addition to similar tonal bags correspond, the consequence good. Reddish colored 100 combo more exciting, fashion, glimpse enthusiasm in addition to natural in addition to unrestrained, with sharp form a contrast, white part is heavy, feel this softer.

Minute, blue clothes in addition to meltingiron collocation

The violet dress almost all easily lots of color is usually tie-in, no matter if approximate bags with black or maybe dark violet, blue were being easy collocation, and violet have top notch tightening agree to body consequence, is outrageous show figure's primary choice. Violet coat collocation reddish colored bag, may make the man or women appear stunning, handsome, Fit grey case, with old-fashioned combination, although overall emotion is far more lively (highly proposed have very good lines connected with gray, are often very good create elegant temperament); Having lavender bags connected with collocation emotion more simple, With light collocation for being no far more bags, blue 100 collocation itself more usual in blatantly inadvertently getting started with la should the composition, will smooth squeeze in a few develop fully urban flavoring. Color more deeply, especially this approximate to help black violet suit having professional coloration inside obtain bags intended for attend many formal area, not solely bright in addition to ornaments quality, curve with a form of lightsome alluring romantic breath of air.

Three, black color clothes in addition to meltingiron collocation

Black are part of composed having mystery, regardless of color and assemble, will n't have amorous feelings just once, so this press generally feel opt for black persons mostly prudent man, certainly first-class. Reddish colored and black color collocation per se is conventional, black in addition to white collocation is usually never antiquated maximum combination, even with a little too difficult some sort of matching cream-colored collocation is able to do if at all a model to recognize words, the effects is pretty much unmatched, the sun's rays, halfback, vogue, youth, similar text would regularly surged on your name. Subsequently it's all right to gain access to the head out.

Four, brown leafy clothes in addition to meltingiron collocation

This collocation having brown clothes case bag is usually more onefold, with light collocation can top notch give anyone a form of pure good sense, suit to help pure young child; Conservative darkish match having red case, vivid, good-looking clinking, Brown leafy clothes fit with having color bags consequence also beneficial, but definitely not both equivalent and requirements while using the grid brown leafy and simply brown collocation can certainly reflect tasteful mature, material quality of any material connected with different brown leafy collocation easily throughout the texture on the difference, fantastic contrast, indicate distinctive class.

Five, magenta mature acceptance is showily, to help clothing surface, work is usually demanding, identical for this matching case requirement likewise relatively tight, but is normally the roughest tie-in coloration only almost all can show themselves the consumer elegant respectable artistically in addition to scroll propane charm. Lavender would work for coloration close loving and shoulds definitely not be far too deep case is tie-in, glimpse elegant tranquil; Deep magenta dress is usually showily, made for color somewhat close likewise shoulds definitely not be far too bright coloration bags having collocation, disclosed in showily with dignity in addition to generous.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Useful information on cleaning a authentic creator designer designer purse or traveling bag

Many among us love all one's designer totes in combination with carriers every time. Together together with the cash that him and i have obtained purchasing a deep authentic architect ladies handbag and bag the majority want to use excellent procedure ones to be certain some people today remain hunting wonderful. It is important to often very clear ones classy handbags since part of this maintenance workout.

1. Domestic leather purses and handbags, shopping baggage, bag coupled with bags might be made as a result of completed fabricated leather this because alligator. These people has to be cleaned out not less than when every 12 many months with hold soap. It is easy to utilize with soaked cleanse wash pad. And in that case wash your carrier waterless then use a synthetic set cream coupled with protectant. You'll need to implement one extra soaked cleanse fabric to shed any restorative healing.

2. Crecen bags. To shed soil and even particles in the straw wallet be certain to work which includes a vacuum clean to the cheapest placing in combination with area your pvc stocking through any conclude within your hose pipe to circumvent damaging this hay. It usually is best to utilise the fabric small towel and also silk egyptian cotton swab to support apply absolute clothing soap for the much grimy locations. Employ a further clean rainy soft towel to shed seepage. Enable the actual carrier to support weather dried. Heated water should be greatest to work alongside seeing this hot standard water may angle your hay. Otherwise, if a person's hay is rather solid against your case it is easy to start with a fabric guard to support shield your special travelling bag. Never use a straw handbags until every shell presents dry fully to protect yourself from damaging your special clothing.

some. Materials baggage. Once a bag is definitely new it would get best so you might bottle with spray getting some cloth protectant before applying. Your private authentic architect bag will need to often often be washed by just professionals. If so is never too soiled it would get doable youngster should be clear a person's bag yourself. If you actually undertake choose so you might clean your special material bag it would get a good idea to check a cleaning product for your haul where it is going to stop found. The best location to measure any cleaning up products will be certainly underneath and even in a fold together with the handbag. You could possibly need to implement almost every great upholstery solution ideal for luggage that should cannot often be cleansed.

The variety of benefits to get nurturing against your genuine architect bag or travelling bag.

(a) Your special preliminary purchase with your genuine made to order handbag might be recognised since you preserve a persons bag wanting beautiful.

(m) Consistently nurturing against your developer bag will almost certainly maintain every worth within your designer purse and even handbag.

(k) You'll have access to very very happy to indicate out of ones personalized purse so that you can buddies, family and also associates.

(deborah) A persons genuine tote can last for every extremely long skill plus search wholly remarkable.

(ourite) Whenever you obtain the following authentic personalized travelling bag it's fine to use the item to the properly taken care of beautiful range. If perhaps it's ones 1st authentic construtor obtain enjoy also, you can include for your personal beautiful purchase coupled with another reliable developer bag or travelling bag.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Chen Wenyuan is walked out of admire to be engaged according to haze secret

Yesterday, according to newest first phase " 3 weekly " report, ceng Juan is entered " colourful according to the door " the Chen Wenyuan of Hong Kong female star of incident walks out of haze eventually, waited for happy party one case with family of male friendly Jin Ziyao, relatives and friends a few days ago, doubt is like hold small-sized be engaged banquet.

The report says, this month 3 days, chen Wenyuan and person of male friendly home show the annulus in the body together together dining-room of France of some star class, attend be engaged late banquet. Meantime, chen Wenyuan and everybody photograph talk very joyous, clear impact already very ripe sth resembling a net, often lean close intimately with male friend, emotional sweetness. One many relatives and friends is opposite to this ceaselessly lover toast, congratulate two people are fond of a knot to connect manage at an early date.

According to the report, attend the parents of home of not only gold of banquet, relatives and friends that evening, the boss that joins Jin Ziyao also shows a body accidentally. After the party ends, see expect the media outside dining-room, male friendly family has no along with of old article Yuan avoid avoid, just just hold the post of media to take a picture greatly. Chen Wenyuan and man relatives and friends are kind leave. Golden mother is asked about when daughter-in-law of whether favorite certain, have no immediate response, however all over the face smile points to Chen Wenyuan to express satisfaction with finger.

Nowadays Chen Wenyuan not only feeling is complacent, the career also has new development, will open beautiful shell inn to become a boss. According to calling this inn You Jinan friend invests 5 million, decorate is luxurious, receive valence not to poor, the beautiful shell inn of high spending is in be the same as an area.

It is reported, jin Ziyao of male friend of old article Yuan is Cai Jun of a finance, it is Hong Kong some appears on the market the president of the company, market prise of the hold on the hand makes an appointment with the house property of HK dollar of 3 ten million, social status is rich and generous. Last year the beginning of the year, before admiring to erupt according to incident, chen Wenyuan and male friend already arrived at that time the phase that talks about marriage talking to marry, did not expect midway is killed piece " colourful according to the door " , ling Chenwen Yuan suffers torment, avoid for a time, golden family also produces dissatisfaction to her, two people feeling is in an emergency for a time. Nevertheless, male friendly Jin Ziyao does not leave to its do not abandon, the low ebb that accompanies her to spend life period. Nowadays is to come out more marriage good news.

Nevertheless, early before two people are accepted " bright newspaper weekly publication " express when the special interview, at present two people are had no temporarily marry plan. Did not lie between a few days, have namely be engaged the message is transmitted, for recreation the circle buys one stake again the happy event of complicated and confusing.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Bud of Liu Yi Bao is low-key this year in June get married

Simple marriage leaves the island in one station cc after the banquet

Then, in the half an year that rests for love, liu Yi stays in Shanghai almost -- he and Bao Lei's collective home, he is enjoyed with more time " bound of 2 the world " . Since Liu Yi is right oneself the figure last year is very malcontent, should spend everyday so very a long time goes taking exercise, the hope enters marital hall with groove. Speak of oneself figure, liu Yi says from ridicule, "Actually I am very carelessly the person of figure, appeared chronicly occasionally, bao Lei criticizes me privately occasionally, say me not should such, likelihood I am a too optional person, should not star oneself. " before wedding is held, liu Yi turns all jobs that can turn, do not want to make oneself too tired, also do not want to destroy with Bao Lei antenuptial needs this paragraph the preparative days of classics. He enters the motion picture that act " the jasmine flower leaves " will be about to show in May, if because this made fun of to had been patted more than two years,not be, show now very not easy, he also won't break rules go playing propaganda.

Liu Yi says, bridal time can be in surely this year in June, but specific date keeps secret, he does not hope his wedding is paid close attention to overly in that way like Wang Fei, be stolen to pat by ill will. And the marriage banquet in the plan follows Everyman about the same, two parents kin and the good friend that are in Shanghai ate a simple meal to end together. Next, liu Yi and Bao bud will go abroad the journey has honeymoon, share the newly-married days with two people are happy and close illicit, preliminary decision place can be the island in Italian cc, one produces the islands of beautiful story, one suits the islands of describe romance amorous feelings.

Implement the plan that make a person as soon as possible

Liu Yi regards Chinese God as the first person of drama, also be about to become a man. To this, his heart is unripe plaint, say oneself also cannot find highteen sense again, young already no longer, it is the thing that should do a mature man. Then, after the island in cc returns, liu Yi general " give birth to a child quickly " carry program. Liu Yi says, oneself can have more time to accompany Bao Lei after hope marriage, the job is too busy before, the time that two people get along always is disrelished insufficient, although what didn't Bao Lei say, but two people after his hope marriage can enjoy family life with common husband and wife. He says, "I am a very strange person, happy was I accept the level with very important play, I choose mate not only, choose play and director, choose the city that takes sport even even, if play is to be in Shanghai to pat, I consider the first times to receive certainly, for instance the film " the jasmine flower leaves " namely such, because it tells the story of Shanghai namely. Because I am a person that loves the home, can little do not go out, him hope can stay a little while more in the home.

Liu Yi did not reappear after marriage a major programme of lasting importance, bao Lei does not have letter attempt high aim more, the name that never also has wanted to borrow Liu Yi is in career before last a step. Liu Yi feels two their people are too right really, inherent slow coach, there is a place on a lot of problems " face " , do not go providing what purpose and sense, then, they pull a hand all the time up to now, used 10 years of time to prove the existence of fairy tale, also be about to use future the result of more time proof fairy tale.

After June 2006, shanghai will appear a common man that occupy the home, what differ exclusively is he calls Liu Yi.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Autograph of the polo shirt before Chi Shangbin attends bridal important task to be in the hand 10 years becomes a story pasted on with approval

Before Chi Shangbin is 10 years 10 thousand amount to polo shirt to sign

Sina sports dispatch on September 16, when attending a wedding behindhand greatly, before be 10 years 10 thousand amount to polo shirt autograph, make a story pasted on with approval on wedding.

The father Han Hangmin of bridegroom is Chi Shangbin's old friend, when the Han Hangmin 10 years ago holds the post of factory manager of plant of beer of Dalian China embellish, ceng Jian holds the post of vice-chairman of Dalian fan association, ask the 10 thousand collectivity that amount to a team to officers and men to become passing traveler in the factory. At that time, fan association chairman once sent old Han Yi 10 thousand amount to a team 27 polo shirt serve as souvenir, laohan sends the son Han Bing that loves a football this clothing.

Han Bing will be in on September 16 this year richly China hold wedding, he listens to father to say Chi Shangbin will be attended on invitation, then collect carefully polo shirt of 10 years broke up, ask Chi Shangbin to fill autograph word.

Went up in wedding that day, chi Shangbin serves as mysterious honored guest, stepping " 10 thousand amount to, I love you " before music is on a stage, everything what this is familiar with what one sees and hears, he appears very become enamoured, he says: "Years of flaming of the passion before I cannot forget 10 years forever, I wish Dalian football can be achieved again brilliant. " he is in this

Han of the bridegroom on the autograph on polo shirt puts the name with bridal Wang Hui on the ice, also wrote down oneself name. Interesting is, the bridegroom bride that the hand holds 27 polo shirt in both hands is apropos this year also be 27 years old.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

2011 profusion include bag of concentration

If do not have a bag, how should the wife live? Meet so far little the classical legend related those and bag bag, also meet the high-key gas field that gives street hand less to pull bag of bag of big shop sign. Hearing a sheet that should invest most several times to taste is packet of bag, its real expense and fighting decline to spend is other deserve to act the role of too far behind to catch up with. When opening Ji Zhi, we are handpick bag of 60 styles bag, let fashionable of season of your early spring give a market!

 2011 profusion include bag of concentration

Genteel fair maiden

A thousand pieces of gold of rich and powerful family reads in private noble school as a child, the school lets them learn 3 foreign languages, 3 kinds of musical instrument, returning every week technically a formal class learns bearing... grow in such environment, can let her become a cultured genteel lady at least. The fair maiden can take pure lubricious Hermes Birkin of the mother to include appointment friend on the weekend; The CHANEL 2.55 that taking father to send goes out shop. These renown bags and the story of renown Yuan spread out at this point, what these fair maidens chased after the bag bag that hold in both hands and likes to become the identity is indicative, the individual is reflected temperamentally, become this traditional evolution the symbol.

The cream-colored of Bally smokes stringy bag to have exceed large use space, handle hands in the metal of wrong car line and bag body to hang a depressing feeling that broke whole.

 2011 profusion include bag of concentration

SaLVatore Ferragamo white wraps bag of prolate bag to deserve to go up personally fruity handle makes the temperament of this bag bag very lukewarm embellish, concise quadrate agraffe as it happens and bag body form contrast.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Double alone marriage - experience cold wave

Children is born in the that 100 breathe out in the home ever by of person Er " small emperor " " small princess " . Nowadays, in generation gives birth to Ji of the world on children already Jian Zuo grows up greatly. " small emperor " is written " small princess " hand, set foot on Ji carpet Jian to become the family with one new , whether can be like Zha of the place in child Yu : " of princely Ning princess does ground of this fast live together " ? is, the of marital family Chu of his is put in Zuo of a lot of .

The of Jian Yin of Zuo of ministry having Zuo makes clear, close year, 30 of Shanghai are the following Zuo person add Zuo before New Year than 34 times, among them Jian marriage a year of half Zuo the there are plenty of such people with respect to Zuo marriage. Face " swallow divides Zuo " person day Bao , the besides many cities gives birth to the marital with filial flimsy to give birth to doubt, besides cowardly pace hall. this, home is analysed, do not know the way of Ta of photograph of husband and wife, it is Zuo some year Zuo person gets together medicinal powder hasty main reason.

year Zuo Zuo person times add

By the element at sex and company respect, gives birth to filial marriage to encountering very big tired . The marriage of unripe children has " careless Jian careless Zuo " Zuo . , the shortest marriage even Jin held one small . Have Home analysis, because is small of Zuo honour Ta , of unripe children is easy with ego center, Yin of sense of person of Zha . " small emperor " , " small princess " often become passionate affection; Zha has been gotten be inferior to be being married well; Have Xiao a bit dash forward want Zuo marriage.

of body of of unripe children of a few " " , is small the Jian that lacks Ta of photograph of Ning brother sister, Zuo of of manage of marriage after Ta and the ability that dissolve contradiction not . Accordingly, a few years Zuo husband and wife should have Xiao only dash forward, even if is " Zuo edge touchs bowl spoon " bagatelle, but because of Li my honour, also rises " Zuo marriage " degree.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

3 version that marriage room decorates

Decorate room of a marriage to want how to many money spend? Before new personality is decorated, this asks ask at first, the cost that decorates actually, depend on the stand or fall of team of the brand of the class of material, furniture, construction and design actual strength, of course, the cost that decorate more should do according to one's abilities, because of the person different. 3 bridal chamber that we introduce this week decorate case, cost is respectively 50 thousand yuan, 200 thousand yuan mix 1 million yuan, consult for everybody.

Romantic version

The craftsmanship design of the bedroom is bring into 10 thousand kinds of amorous feelings to the top of one's bent. Gules wall paper is spread the veil that metope draped a sweet romance for whole bedroom, warm meaning happies and harmonious and passion is like fire. The illuminative ornament such as beautiful case curtain, antependium makes red got sufficient play. The big bed of classic Europe type that cany woodworking combines is fully loaded with tenderness and comfortable, will vogue and classic along with all the others compatible.

Profusion version

This case is building of two half double entry that show a day, parlor section is carried empty, main external metope opens a window for big, daylighting is admirable. Stylist is fundamental key with white, red is complementary, increased rich expression to the sitting room. Gules sofa and tailor-made connect tall gigantic a bring out the best in each other of abstract oil painting, TV upper part is red, white demon piece and same the TV ark with mass-tone of red, Bai Wei, foil each other, mutual confluence, white setting connects expensive processing, eliminate the possibility with involute vision, feel with plain and neat, downy whole to the person.

Exalted version

This bedroom is full of nobility and haggard breath, compose of the head of a bed has the leopard grain wall paper of aureate stain, with deserve to have aureate illuminative bed and ark of the head of a bed are tie-in, add on the side aureate wave is decorated and the woodiness condole on the ceiling supports, make of the bedroom bold and unrestrained flashy burst forth to come out, the bed that fastens with color, lamp and carpet make whole space harmony unified. The doorcase with aureate inlaid hollow out sheds the high quality that shows whole space implicatively.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

8 beautiful bags let this spring you most "red"

Every sky class can wear a color to be connected heavily only install frequently, do not search to give a window on the body. Do you have such trouble? Need not be afraid of! Small today made up you to bring 8 red beautiful bags, let you be in the Chun Xia season 2010 most " red " ah!

As blossomming rose, sway in wind. Vogue cuts out classically, attain at ideal design, the female's self-confidence is spell able also get reflecting in line. This bag, will surely make a beautiful scenery line together with you.

Can allow the money of a bag that you fall in love at first sight absolutely, the fabrics of wool cloth with soft nap of powdery pink warms to the person warm feeling, the line of car of peach heart design that covers packet of body is made, melting hundred.