Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Sun Fei of sexy red lip poors bridal makeup is gigantic display

Sun Fei poors, our familiar moviedom beauty that cannot be familiar with again. Her cherry small mouth is to let all woman envy, let man adore. And does when her sex appeal red lip match a what kind of scene is bridal formal dresses? See Sun Fei poor together lip of bridal makeup —— makeup gigantic display.

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Sun Fei of sexy red lip poors bridal makeup is gigantic display

Lip of bride of Sun Fei humble makeup photo is gigantic display

Use labial department the lipstick paint of bright red color, sex appeal is very, be like fire enthusiasticly; And the gules formal dresses wiping a bosom of collocation low bosom, let a person see the temperament of Oriental and classic bride already, let a person think of bride of Frenchy romance dream again. When passion and classic when beginning to collide, her be better than a rose, jing letting a person is admired unceasingly.

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Monday, November 29, 2010

2010 Chun Xia is advanced and custom-built bridal shoe

2010 what bride shoe leads Chun Xia tide, be in advanced and custom-built after issuance magnificent sense of sight is pounded, we can't help plainting the detail design that every brand sheet tastes, among them bridal shoe is deserve indispensably to act the role of on the news briefing, also be stylist the main carrier of outspread originality.

2010 Chun Xia is advanced and custom-built bridal shoe (1)

Bridal shoe (more and wonderful be in: " bride " magazine)
Armani PrivéBridal shoe

Armani Privé2010 advanced and custom-built shoe walks on Chun Xia: The most harmonious deserve to act the role of

Armani Privéshoe continued the theme of “ crescent ” , those who present moon department is tonal with simple sense, style is not much, but every elegant fact is worn. New moon modelling is outspread and become curve form vamp looks contracted, do manual work is unusually delicate however, roll a margin only millimeter sees wide. Material is qualitative unusually rich also, filar damask, crocodilian skin, dumb smooth skin, colour includes deep ash, shallow ash, shallow gold, Mi Bai to wait, every send out a downy ray like moon, it is this season advanced and custom-built the best foil person in releasing.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Arrived heaven, you still remember me

When this quintuplicate building collapses, frost is working overtime in the office of first floor, taking the food taken late at night that stone delivers to her.
They are the young husband and wife of a few months of a pair of newly-married, conjugal love special. Shi Bishuang is big 8 years old, be opposite since the plus size wedding dresses 3 years ago frost bead is like treasure ground to doting on. Because two people are absent a city, still cannot shift a city after many effort. Till half an year before, shi Caici went working, the city that is in to frost alone.
Frost has a forms for reporting statistics to will be handed in tomorrow, but because made a mistake a data, make number right all the time do not go up. Must continue to work overtime in the late evening, arrived to had not found out a problem to go out however partly at 10 o'clock be in, hit a phone to act like a spoiled child to marital complaint then. Then stone took food taken late at night to accompany her wife, checking together with her the data in the file. See the husband walks into the office in, of frost full abdomen vanish completely immediately discomposedly. Stone, it is her pillar all the time, outer person looks, she is a very able girl, but in front of stone, she is a young woman forever. Look at brilliant face of the husband, the mood is just like the sky outside the window general, bright and clinking. Stone fondly the hair that touching her, the command wears say: "Good, go having a thing. I will check. "On then frost is carrying food taken late at night darlingly to flower girl dresses sit to stone, eating to be contained completely at the same time at the same time staring at him fondly, his face, everything his, she sees not tire of forever. She believes, want the husband to go into action only, on this world it doesn't matter does the thing that be less than. As expected, be less than quarter, stone found out that mistake, smiling consider speaks his wife a few. And be in right now, this saying early to want to tear open before New Year and use constrainedly up to now office building, be in it seems that also bear not to have negative charge again right now, be without omen unexpectedly with a loud crash collapse.
A few seconds in, two people were buried to be in remains. Had not known how long, when frost from insensible in when awaking, at the moment inky, do not know to be in where personally unexpectedly temporarily. There is a hollow floor slab on the body, but luck is good, the other one aspect of the matter of this floor slab is being propped up by another floor slab however, she makes on the body that just is pressed in her cannot move, won't make her get hurt however. A moment ago insensible because the thing is bungled on her head,be, additionally leg ministry does not know is be broken by what, bone was broken it seems that, seem to bleeding, but because board pressing, she feels the crus that is less than her. Humeral back office also has keenly feel, feel also bleeding.
"Stone! Stone! Are you in? "Frost remembered her man abruptly, crying. Without reaction she is afraid of extremely, with a chirp cry rise. "Frost, am I in this …… you how …… how? …… has …… to get hurt? "Shi Wei's young voice uploaded to come over from her edge. She is written down, in collapse flashy, stone attacks to be pressed on her body, but how the meeting is separate now, she had been unable to call to mind.
"Husband! Your …… you how? ! "Frost is listening marital sound is more than at ordinary times, terrified the ground is crying.
"I do not have a thing. Be the move that be pressed is not moved only. "Stone is like calmly suddenly at ordinary times, saying: "Baby, do not be afraid of, I am in this, are not afraid of! "Frost feels the hand of stone extends the arm that came over to come up against her, catching closely with closefisted hastily. Stone is holding the hand of frost, some are asp, but strong, the fear that makes her was reduced immediately a lot of.
"My crus seems to bleeding ……" frost continues to saying: "A flag is pressed on my ham. Husband, should we die in this? Should we die in this??
"How be met? Save us a little while with respect to meeting somebody. "Stone is clasping the hand of the wife: "The cravat that uses me binds the leg that you bleed, do not wear quite crus binds ham, had jumped over more closely. "Say to discount wedding gowns take turn around and stretch out one's hand, gave tie come over. Frost takes marital word, give sanguinary leg bind, but because effort is insufficient, not can effective stanch blood stream.
If nobody will save them, be to bleed to you can flow dead? Frost is thinking scaredly. Had extended the playing stone hand with close closefisted again, only such, her ability not so fear. She feels marital hand is trembling suddenly, is Shi Ye fearing? At this moment, do not know to transmit the cry of mice from which, frost screamed. Her life most those who be afraid of is mice, now this case, mice calculates climb her head, defy feebly.
"Wife, do not be afraid of. I am in, mice dare not come over. Come over I am bungled dead! "" stone knows frost is in what be afraid of, saying " old day easily to look for an opportunity intentionally to let us go through thick and thin together intentionally. Your hematic stanch? Your hematic stanch?

Monday, November 22, 2010

Fun classic hand-painted handbag

The concept of travel as the French designer Barbara Rihl, this season or from the tourist source of inspiration for the creation of the concept, introduced to meet different people, the needs of diverse types of features travel package section, also a strong fun element into the Pop package shall design, whether it is representative of 50's pop culture posters of beautiful women, or full of quaint style of hand-painted graffiti, can enable individuals to shape outstanding cool!

Barbara Rihl this season most impressed the package section, is poster girl leather bag, to accompany the Second World War through the countless number of American soldiers homesick poster girl for the night, this time in order to transfer techniques to show the beautiful retro design the leather, bringing fresh and unique sense of fun.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The mother leaves my money

I year young when, the mother dies due to illness. Hou Jiali is poor in those days, the child is much. The mother wants go to the fields to work all the day, cook, spin, weaving, patchy, sleep late everyday rise early. tired a single person is sick, do not have money to treat again, left us early. Elder sisters assume the responsibility that had a mother, I and little brother drag big.
Every time I hear associate people call " mom " , say mom is done to oneself gladly delicious, seam new clothes, I remembered my mother. How do I hope my mother can live well, be together with us! But this is impossible.
In my impression, the mother always wears unlined upper garment of right front of a garment of hand-woven cloth of a blue, locking up brows, complexion is cadaverous. Always cough at the same time, work at the same time, never beat and scold us easily.
Listen to elder sister and village person to say, maternal heart is deft. When she is young, often do embroider work to rich other people. Sometimes Everyman home gets married daughter, also ask shade of kiln of maternal embroider pillowcase, beautiful shoe, scale of what. Maternal brushwork, embroider is tasted, I had seen a few only a few. Appreciation is taken when I am sensible, was stupefied simply. A picture goes up in the handkerchief " kylin sends child " , used line drawing technique. That composition of a picture, that line, have a kind of clever energy of life it seems that. This spirit gas can capture you, with you the heart is interlinked, make you fondle admiringly.
The old people that listens to the village says, the mother traces inwrought pattern, the picture that never has painted beforehand stalks of grain. It is to draw the article that wanting embroider directly, the edge thinks the edge is drawn, get sth done without any letup. Say to also be blamed, I never had seen the mother draws picture, inwrought, paper-cut, but I am right these skill unexpectedly self-taught. Is this why? I think, see work of maternal brushwork, inwrought, paper-cut, it is her that masterly craft shook me, the clever energy of life that gives fully in work moved I. Make me special to this one skill on heart, special love, have the strong desire that masters this one skill, just accomplished so look to be met.
Once, the mother bought bedcover of a beautiful serge, prepare quilt. Of cloth both ends cut out mouth, take off below a few very fine woof. The mother comes its pick up, synthesis is three-ply, the rub that use a hand becomes a wider line, do needlework work with the line with fine rub next. This issue is very difficult to my impression. Usually, the cloth that the machine weaves, those who use is very fine gauze. Do manual needlework, this kind of line is too fine, break easily, cannot use directly. The time that takes to be worn less is lacked in that, if throw away, too regrettablly if; is not thrown, it doesn't matter is used. But clever and the mother is economical, can become useless to be treasure unexpectedly, the little thrum that drops even cloth mouth also is used rise, on the clique use. Went how many years, I often remember the mother cherishs, that one screen that uses thrum. Get along usually, I accomplish keep expenditures within the limits of income as far as possible. Below probable condition, want to have surplus. Should have a thing old, bad when wanting to throw away, I think way looks can become useless to be treasure. To trash recycle, prolong service life, managing expenditure. The nurturance of these good conventions, it is the effect that sufferred a mother.
I very content with one's lot, what the mother leaves me is laborious, economical goodness, this is the mental fortune with rich and generous brushstroke. I overshot with this fortune second difficulty, overcame one heavy difficulty.
I think, this kind of fortune, in hard time useful, because we want; of poverty gives rise to a desire for change,in the country flourishing, people is born when work is rich, as much useful, because we want be vigilant in peace time.

Monday, November 15, 2010

New try, Sofia Coppola for Louis Vuitton bags

Sofia Coppola give Louis Vuitton another assortment of handbag, the brand new assortment nevertheless take advantage of the previous shape of final collection, but a good deal more completely different color and promotion within of the opening, cream color and brown color are two of my favorite, specifically cream one, the pure and clean color give your apparel entirely elegant away from your mind for the toss, and I believe this bag will are available to be the loco loot of Hollywood starts and models!!

Sofia Coppola for lv.jpg

Try believe about this winter ouis Vuitton napped wool suit with this handbag you can match with cotton coat or fur waistcoat, and also this color will be nevertheless beautiful in spring and summer! This may be the perfect interpretation of classic and timeless!